Love Handles

sexy-lingerieA new relationship is exciting and romantic but what happens when you get too comfortable? The beginning of dating someone usually means going out for meals and drinks – all great until those calories add up. Meals out instead of evening exercise and weekend mornings in bed instead of Saturday morning boot camp will have a large impact on your fitness and weight after a while.

To be happy together you have to be happy in yourself. Although people may not think they are linked a lack of exercise will not leave you happy. Endorphins are essential so find take part in endorphin boosting activities and high intensity fitness workouts to prevent that weight from creeping up on you.

So whether you’re in a brand new relationship or have been with your significant other for decades, below are a few tips for staying/getting in shape when you share your life with a better half(and prevent those love handles appearing!)


Maintaining Your Weight Tips

  1. Portion Control

This first tip should apply to everyone in life. In straight healthy relationships it’s very important to remind yourself you don’t have to keep up with what your man eats.

Men tend to eat more than women because they are larger and have faster metabolisms. Their larger muscle mass requires them to consume more food and that’s without exercise! In some research studies it is recommended that a moderately active female should consume around 2,000 calories a day and a man 2,800.

If you’re staying in and cooking, it’s very easy to eat the same amounts as each other even if you don’t need it or aren’t hungry. If you are conscious of this you’ll be able to treat yourself and not have to worry.

Try eating from smaller plates – you won’t fit as much on but will feel satisfied you cleared your plate and ate what was right for your body. To be frank and simple it’s just portion control, portion control, portion control!

  1. At Home Date Night Dinners

Eating out here and there is nice whatever stage of your relationship. Making it a rare occurrence will make it special but also save you money! Cooking at home allows you to control what is in your food and the calories too. Have your date night at home, it’ll give you two time together and is a great way to get to know someone better if it’s a new adventure.

It can be as simple or as extravagant as you want – food in front of the fire with a randomly chosen bottle of wine and candles or a sit down 3-course meal with perfectly paired wine and background music, the choice is yours. (P.S you’ll have your dinner made quicker than a restaurant too.)

  1. Play Together, Stay Together

It seems in celeb-land the only way to work out is with your significant other. This idea isn’t such a bad idea as it’s good to have someone pushing you on and keeping your motivation high. Plus you won’t feel like you’re exercising, you’ll be having a great time just being together whether it’s on a hike, a run, the gym, indoor rock climbing or even bowling – just something that keeps your exercise levels up and weight down. The main aim is to just keep active whatever you do.

Side note: If your other half has no interest in being active let them know of your aims and goals so you’re on the same page and you can keep yourself active although it may be little bit more difficult. There are plenty of classes, fitness workout programs and fitness workouts for women. Make sure you tell them when you plan on working out or even just going for a walk they might surprise you and go with you. Also, if you have a dog then it’s a no-brainer to being somewhat active!

  1. Ooze Sex Appeal

If you’re doing what makes you happy you’ll feel more confident. If you haven’t been confident and have recently achieved a goal you’ll be on cloud nine. This new found boost will leave you glowing and oozing sex appeal to your other half! Not being afraid to put on some women’s sexy lingerie. Being mentally fit is just as important as physical fitness. There’s no question that if you’re happier with yourself and spend the quality time with each other then your relationship can only benefit massively…!

The Results? A Better Relationship!sex-toys-essentials

The list of tips apply to all types of relationships – health and fitness should be a top priority throughout your life and relationship. Once you get started you’ll get the fitness bug and won’t know what you did before.

Before this post: Yes being in a relationship can work wonders on a person’s feelings of well-being and overall happiness, but it can also be a dieting enemy, morphing your previously toned figure into a much softer one, muffin top included.

After this post: You’ve beaten what is being called ‘the boyfriend layer’ and prevented yourself from falling into a trap.

As a couple, if you worked out together, you will be stronger with better communication(maybe even less relationship problems).

It’s a win-win situation for your fitness and relationship so give it a go!